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It’s been very hard for this German band to release their third album worldwide. The album was released last September in Asia thanks to Marquee/Avalon but we didn’t know anything else about them until they recently signed with Artist Service/MBM.

The line-up was created in 2002 from the ashes of the band FOREVER, a group in which Carsten Schulz sang on the demos, and after finding a new name, they started the composition of their album debut (while they were on tour they worked on their second album “Equilibrium”, brought out by Metalheaven). Despite the fact that the band was continuously receiving compliments from the media, they started to have some problems that ended up with the leaving of the singer in 2005. Wolfgang decided to stop playing bass and became the second guitar player, so they had no choice but to find two new members. A year later Jan became the new bass player and they chose a Norweigian singer who had a good name with the great band HUSH.

Once the line-up was completed, they started to write a conceptual album based on Julian’s life, who was the 13th Apostle according to some apocryphal texts. It is not very common, it’s even weird, that a melodic metal band chooses to write about this, but we trust them and their abilities, so we’ll let their songs to speak… The second thing that has attracted our attention is that they are very well accompanied by the above mentioned Carsten (exDOMAIN, EVIDENCE ONE,…). Boban Molojevic (SANKE EYE), the beauty Renee Walker (RENEE WALKER BAND) and Connie Andreszka (CRYSTAL BALL) supporting them in the chorus and some soloist participation.

I’m sure you have had the opportunity of listening to their brilliant sound but I’d like to say that you shouldn’t wait for a continuation, since there are really good changes in this new work. The most remarkable is, undoubtedly, the increase of power in the performance of the songs, it seems that their DOKKEN sound (but faster of course) belongs to the past and now they are much more ambitious. Another notable thing we have to remark is the vocal treatment Patrick gives to the songs. He is a singer who comes from the Nordic hard/aor scene, but he has known how to harden his voice in a brilliant way, as it is clear in the first track (not the intros) “Awakening”, which opens with him shouting, and this is something you don’t expect if you know him. Talking about this track, do not miss the great riffs, we could speak about a melodic heavy metal but bordering on the German power at some moments. Ahhh, and keep an eye on the exquisite treatment the guests give to the chorus. How clear the high quality is…this track has it through and through.

“Junia’s Eyes” loses us a bit at the beginning because it starts with an acoustic vocal duet between Patrick and Renee, but we only have to wait a little bit to listen to the powerful rhythmical guitars. They present several rhythmical changes (very elaborated). Excelent track.

Continuing with the ballads we find the powerful “In Your Darkest Hour”, a track full of progressive rhythms mixed with parts of soft acoustic guitars with a slower chorus in the style of classic ballads. Great voices, great soloits guitars, hehehe, very well ended.

It is also a great song the ballad-type middle tempo “Chosen Are Few”, with exquisite voices, great rhythmical changes, some progressive touchs, very curious keyboard sounds and, special mention to the piano parts, which give a lot of elegance to the chorus. This band has taken this album very seriously and this is something worthy of admiration because the melodic scene is very competitive nowadays.

“The Faithful Offer” is a brief narrated interlude that has reminded me of the band FAITH NO MORE because of the strange voice and the piano. But the operistic chorus have nothing to do with that band!!. “Sealed With a Kiss” is also surprising for the choral voices. I find S.I.N. strange for this so elaborated and powerful rhythms. Nobody would say they are the same despite this track reminds us of their previous adventures.

“Tears Of Gethsemane” is an acoustic song in which the vocal games given by Patrick and his guests stand out. Very soft in lenght, it allows us to concentrate on the voices, with a great soloist guitar at the end and luxury chorus. “Failure” is another intro following the wave of the previously mentioned tracks.

“For Eternity And Beyond” starts as a ballad, with an exquisite soloist, and after the intro we find an almost progressive middle tempo with very spacing guitars and great keyboard sounds as support, creating at atmosphere in which the great voices adquire a sonority similar to Jorn Lande. Pay attention to the brilliant Renee’s voice here..uff how sings this girl! (do you remember Bonnie Tyler?). Incredible this track.

This semi progressive touch stresses at the beginning of the song “The 13th Apostle” and after some brief passages with very elegant soloist, they continue in the middle tempo style in contrast with the mentioned initial touch. Nice background piano and another vocal marvel is what we find here, with everybody doing their best to sound like I haven’t listened to for a long time.

Closing the album we find “Circuit”, an outro that continues with the rythm of the previous track, despite the voice is the showed in the other interludes, that’s to say, narrated but “weird”, and the chorus to definitely fall the curtain.

Three years we’ve been waiting for the new work of these people and they have come back with their best album so far. An album everybody should buy because it has everything: great voices with chorus in the wave of AYREON (as a example), powerful and creative guitars, brilliant rhythms, fantastic production similar to musicals...
If you like the germanic melodic scene of bands such us EVIDENCE ONE, DOMAIN, AXXIS, CHINCHILLA, EMPIRE...even a little bit more powerful like the last works of MOB RULES or SILENT FORCE, let’s break your piggy bank because you’re going to find one of the most remarkable albums of this year, you’ll see. This is evolution!