::1st of January 2009::
Happy New Year
We want to thank all our friends and fans for the huge suport we got in 2008. We hope you had a wonderful x-mas time and we wish you the very best for 2009!!

Rock on!!

::10th of December 2008::
Long time, no hear
It's been some days since the last update, and we have a few news for you this time.

New Interview
Another interview with Alex can now be found on metal-rules.com. Thanks to Anders Sandvall for the nice talk we had.

A cool new review on the 13th Apostle is online on metal-invader.com.Thanks to Stelios “Cookie Man” Basbayiannis for 4 heads!

Want to buy the album?
If you want to purchase "The 13th Apostle" directly from the band, well then just email Alex. We also have our debut "Somewhere Into Nowhere" and the follow-up "Equilibrium" for sale. Just ask for a quote on the discs you want to buy.

More news to come
Please check back soon, because there is something big to come.

::2nd of August 2008::
Quite some time has passed since the last update has been posted, but you can now find a new interview with Alex on austrian webzine darkscene.at.
Thanks to maggo.

::17th of June 2008::
Two printreviews
"The 13th Apostle" gained a great 9-out-of-10-review in the brithish magazine PowerPlay.
Another 9.0-review can be found in the current issue of german mag "Heavy oder was??!".

::6th of June 2008::
"After the intro there are 12 songs and 50 minutes of magic."
Our thanks go out to Anders Sandvall of www.metal-rules.com for his nice 4-out-of-5-review on our album. Go and get your copy of "The 13th Apostle" and you might also get to the conclusion that "the album is gonna fortify the band's position as one of the best European bands in this genre today."

::3rd of June 2008::
Mike of FFM had a little talk with Wolfgang. Here you can have a look at their conversation.

Another interview with Wolfgang can be found on the italian webzine Hardsounds.it. I did not know, he's able to speak italian ;-).

::29th of May 2008::
Two new reviews online
On Obliveon.de you can read a 8/10-review about our "damn phat metal-orgy!" Thanks guys!
On the italian webzine Allaradio.org we gained 4 stars with our latest release. Check out this site also if you can read what these guys wrote.

::25th of May 2008::
Whole bunch of new reviews
Now it is almost one month that "The 13th Apostle" was released. If you still don't have your own copy, go ahead and order at MusicBuyMail.eu

On the austrian webzine darkscene.at you can now read a new 8.0-point review about "The 13th Apostle" being kind of the light at the end of a tunnel. Thanks, guys!

Another italian review is online on eutk.net. Again we achieved 8 out of 10 points there.

One Scandinavian review is now online on extendedmix.com. 8 seems to be a nice figure as this is also 8 out of 10.

4 out of 6 is what we got on roxxzone.com. This is italian again.

For our british fans
Our album can now also be bought at RSK Entertainment.

::21st of May 2008::
In the current issue of german mag Rockhard you can find a review on our album. We gained 8-points there, our best Rockhard-score so far.
Besides this there is a nice KISS-Special in this issue, so go and visit your local newspaper-shop to get yourself a copy.

::18th of May 2008::
Two new reviews
A new german review can now be found on vampster.com.
The second one, a 84/100-review, is written in spanish language and now online on metalbullet.com.

::15th of May 2008::
Major news update
If you did not order your copy of "The 13th Apostle" at MusicBuyMail.eu yet, we now have some more reviews and interviews to convince you...

After his nice 10-out-of-10-review he wrote about "The 13th Apostle" Alan Holloway had a little talk with Alex and the interview can now be found on rockunited.com.

Another interview, this time in German language, is now online on myrevelations.de. Thanks to Matthias Decklar.
If you did not read the review on this site yet, well here is the link.

S.I.N. set a sign to the current Melodic-Metal Top Range!
This and more you can read on squealer-rocks.de. Patrick really convinced with his style, so that the departure of our older singer doesn't hurt at all and we even managed to attack the almighty AVANTASIA, so what more can we say but "THANKS, JACK!"

On metalheads-remigiusland.de "The 13th Apostle" is "Tipp of May 2008".
So big thanks go out to these guys.

::5th of May 2008::
We recieved quite a rocking 8.5-review from www.rockingboy.de. Check out this fantastic webzine.

::4th of May 2008::
Gabor Kleibloesem uploaded his review on Strutter'Zine. It's the 2nd one on the linked page.
Thanks for 8.7 out of 10.

::3rd of May 2008::
Interview online
Our Spanish friends from hallofmetal.com recently interviewed Alex and Deddy. Here you can find the english version of the chat they had.

::2nd of May 2008::
Please go ahead and read Ricarda's thoughts about "The 13th Apostle" on german webzine www.powermetal.de.
Thanks for your nice words.

Hall Of Metal again
The nice people of hallofmetal.com provided a translation of their review on "The 13th Apostle".
Click here for the English version of their Spanish review.

Again, stay tuned for more to come.

::28th of April 2008::
Please visit www.metal.de for Steve's 8/10-review. Thanks alot, man.

Order your 13th Apostle now!!
If you did not get your copy of "The 13th Apostle" please visit MusicBuyMail.eu to get it for yourself now!

Check back soon for some interviews and other stuff to come.

::27th of April 2008::
Rock It!
Check out the newest issue of Rock It! and get yourself a copy at your local newspaper-shop.
You'll find a nice 8.5-review in there, saying that "The 13th Apostle is for sure one of the best albums of it's kind, so there can only be one conclusion: Thumbs up!!".

Please go ahead and find out what hardy has to say about The 13th Apostle on Metal-Inside.de.
Stay tuned for more reviews and interviews to come.

::26th of April 2008::
Another new review with a 7.5-rating can now be found on Metalglory.de.
Go ahead and check out this webzine.

::25th of April 2008::
Today is the day that our new Album "The 13th Apostle" is released to the public. Please visit MusicBuyMail.eu to get your own copy of our newest output.
We hope you'll love what you will get to hear, and please tell us your thoughts in our guestbook.

::24th of April 2008::
The Daily Review Update
On myrevelations.de Matthias thanks us for recording "The 13th Apostle".
So now we have to thank him for his nice words.

::23th of April 2008::
Two German Reviews
The first of the two can be found on allover-ffm-rock.de. Please visit this site as YOU can give us a vote there.

For the second one we have to thank Toschi of metallic-zine.de. Go ahead and find out what he has to say about "The 13th Apostle".

::20th of April 2008::
Hall Of Metal
9 out of 10 is what we got on hallofmetal.com. Again, we don't understand one word as this review is spanish, so if you can help us out on this one, please contact us.

::16th of April 2008::
Metal To Infinity
"Natural Born Musicians", that's what we are called on MTI Belgium.
We got a 87-point vote there, so please check out the full review.

Stay tuned for more.

::15th of April 2008::
"This is one of the finest examples of a concept album you will ever hear, no matter what you believe or what you have heard before."
This is what the nice people of themayfairmallzine.com have to say about the 13th Apostle. Check out this webzine, please.

Our new album got an 8.8 out of 10 on hardrockhaven.net. Our thanks go out to Edwin van Hoof. Unfortunately the musician's names listed on this site are wrong, but you know who we are ;-).

Sadly we do not understand one single word, but the 13th apostle gained 80% on hardsounds.it, so we think our italien friends liked what they heard. If you are able to translate this review for us, we would be glad if you help us out...

Don't forget to check the link below for the nice review done by Alan Holloway for rockunited.com. "I can't believe I'm giving out another maximum here, but this deserves it" is one of the things the sentences you may find there.

Please come back soon for more updates, reviews and interviews to come.

::9th of April 2008::
On www.rockunited.com you can read a fabulous 10-out-of-10-review about "The 13th Apostle". We are honored that our album is compared to Queensryche's Mindcrime or Rush's 2112. Click here for a direct link to the review.

Check back soon for more reviews and stuff to come.

::8th of April 2008::
Thanks to Vince for 8.5 points on www.sleaze-metal.com. Please visit this webzine and find out what he thinks and writes about "The 13th Apostle".

::28th of March 2008::
First review online
Dear friends, please visit www.lesaccrosdumetal.com for the first online-review on our new album "The 13th Apostle".
Our french friends gave us 5 stars and 17.5 out of 20 points. We are working on a translation for those of you who don't speak french.
Please check back later for more to come.

::16th of March 2008::
Release via Artistservice confirmed
We are happy and proud to anounce that from the 25th of April on, our new album "The 13th Apostle" wil be available on MusicBuyMail.eu and lots of other e-stores.
Stay tuned for more info like reviews, interviews and so on.

::21th of September 2007::
Asian Release today
Today is the day that our new album "The 13th Apostle" is released to the asian market via Marquee/Avalon.
On HMV.com you can now order your copy of our new record.

::12th of September 2007::
visit carstenschulz.com
Hi out there,
please visit the official homepage of our longtime friend Carsten Schulz, who did a superb job with his appearance on our new album "The 13th Apostle".
On www.carstenschulz.com he found some real nice words for our album, the recordings and about the times we worked together.
Once again, it was a pleasure to record with you, thanks a lot and stay heavy.

::6th of September 2007::
Japanese release coming nearer
Dear friends,
on September 21st our new record will be released to the Asian market, and it is now time to reveal some more details about this album.
The album is called The 13th Apostle and it is the first conceptional record of our history. It features our friends Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (Evidence One, Roger Staffelbach, ex-Domain), Renee Walker (Renee-Walker-Band), Connie 'Conor' Andreszka (Cabal, Circle of Pain, Crystal Ball) and Boban Milojevic (Snake Eye, Wicked Sensation) as additional vocalists. We are proud to have these great musicians on our album.

The tracklist reads as follows:
01. prelude
02. signs of doubt
03. awakening
04. junia's eyes
05. chosen are few
06. in your darkest hour
07. the faithful offer
08. sealed with a kiss
09. tears of gethsemane
10. failure
11. for eternity and beyond
12. his 13th apostle
13. circuit
14. are we still one (bonustrack for japan)

Please visit our updated download-section to listen to some snippits of a few tracks.

It's also time to reveal the artwork
Hope you like it:

The whole album-artwork was designed by our friend Ryoko Hayakawa from Japan, and we cannot thank her enough for the great job she has done.

Please visit our guestbook and tell us what you think about our new songs.
Stay tuned.

::22nd of July 2007::
Album done
Hi folks,
we are proud to tell you that we finally finished our new record. Mix and Master went very well, and we are really happy with the result.

Release in Asia
Our Japanese Label Marquee/Avalon will release our new record to the Asia Market on September 21st.

Please stay tuned for more updates like the announcement of title, artwork and tracklist.

::14th of June 2007::
Two guys having fun
Hi out there,
please enjoy this pic of our friends Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz and Connie 'Conor' Andreszka having fun in bringing some backing tracks on tape.

Lizard and Connor @ cbv-Studios

Mix and Master confirmed
Next week we'll finally hit House Of Audio for the last steps of production. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic soon.

::25th of May 2007::
no longer a winding road - a winning road
Hi all,
we are very proud to tell you, that the recordings of our upcoming album are done. All tracks are layed down and in june we are going to enter House Of Audio-Studios for the final mix and master.
This album will be the first conceptional album in the band's history and we gathered some friends around us to contribute some great parts.

Beside our new frontman Patrick Simonsen, also known from norwegian rockers Hush, you will also hear Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz (Evidence One, Roger Staffelbach, ex-Domain), Connie 'Conor' Andreszka (Cabal, Circle of Pain, Crystal Ball) and Renee Walker (female american rock singer). Boban Milojevic (Snake Eye, Wicked Sensation) has contributed some additional background vocals.
This album will give you some old Queensryche and Lynch Mob meeting Edguy.
Please stay tuned for more infos coming soon and enjoy the pics of our friends involved in this record.

Carsten 'Lizard' Schulz

Connie 'Conor' Andreszka

Renee Walker

Boban Milojevic

::9th of May 2007::
Japanese fanpage online
Although we cannot read a single word on it, we are very happy and proud to anounce a new japanese S.I.N.-fanpage japanese S.I.N.-fanpage. Big Thanks go out to Laura for that great design.

::1st of April 2007::
Short Update
Hello everybody, we are quite busy with the recordings of our new album. Most parts are recorded in the meantime and mix- and mastering-dates are already fixed. Stay tunes for more news to come.

We also had a foto-shooting while pat was here for his recordings. Here you have a first pic to get an impression:

::21st of February 2007::
Review-Section updated
Besides all the work on our new record I finally found the time to update our review-section. Please take a look and check back soon as the gallery is the next thing to be put up to date.

::20th of December 2006::
Merry X-Mas - free download
Now 2006 is almost gone and quite some things happend. We had to guide our ship through some rough waters, but we finally succeeded. Searching for a new singer soon became a real challenge, but ending up with Patrick Simonsen fronting S.I.N. was probably one of the best things to become reality. The recordings of our new album are growing step by step, and we are pretty happy with the things WE hear so far. We hope you're feeling the same when you get to hear the new one ;)

We want to thank everyone who supported us the last years with a little x-mas present from us to you. Take a look below to download the track "So Blind". The song is dedicated to T.K. (r.i.p.) and a special webpage-feature you won't here on the upcoming record... Leave some footprints in our guestbook to tell us what you think.

We wish you and your families a merry x-mas and all the best for 2007!

pOwEr To ThE mUsIc !
ALex, Deddy, Jan, Pat, Wolfgang

::14th of November 2006::
New myspace-layout
Please check out the new design of our myspace-home. Thanks to our japanese friend Ryoko Hayakawa for the great artwork. There you can also see some videos of alex doing former recording-sessions.
Have a look and enjoy!

::3rd of November 2006::
Interview with Deddy on rockeyez.com
On www.RockEyez.com Brian Rademacher has featured a Interview with Deddy Andler.
Please have a look, but bear in mind that the interview was taken at a time when we were still looking for a singer, and had not teamed up with Pat... ;-)

::30th of October 2006::
Some new bits featuring Pat
Big Thanks go out to all who wrote an email to us. We are very happy for the warm welcome of our new member Pat.
To give you a closer view on our future work, we have two more bits of older songs for you to listen to. Hope you like them.

short version of Walk Away (new)
short version of It's Forever (new)
short version of Nail It To The Wall

::24th of September 2006::
S.I.N. anounce new frontman
We are very happy to anounce that the long, struggeling search ist finally over. From now on singer Patrick Simonsen, who most of you will know from his fabulous work with norwegian Melodic-Rockers Hush, will also front S.I.N.

We are very honored to have him in the boat and we can now start to work on our new record. To give you an impression of how he will sound with S.I.N. we recorded a short bit of our song Nail It To The Wall in a very rough version.

Here you can have a listen to it and please visit our guestbook and tell us your feelings.

::older news::