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::17th of September 2006::
One year of Equilibrium, still new reviews
Almost one year after Equilibrium was released there are still new reviews posted all over the world. Thanks to Brian of www.rockeyez.com for the new review on his site.

Myspace-page online
You can now also reach us on the myspace-community. Just go to myspace.com/somewhereintonowhere.

Please check back soon for more news to come.

::3rd of April 2006::
Tip Of The Month
Big thanks to May who nominated S.I.N. to be Tip Of The Month on her webpage www.mays-music.de.
We also got some airplay on her "Rock The Night" radio show.
Thanks May.

::22nd of February 2006::
Together with score-composer Carsten Raabe we worked on the soundtrack for the movie "Lost In Romania". The preview was already shown at the Berlinale, Germany's most important film-festival, in Berlin.

::29th of January 2006::
We are back with a new bass-player
2006 has just started and we are happy to tell you that we are back on the road again.

Firstly we are proud to anounce, that we found a new guy for the 4-string. Wolfgang will continue his work for the band as a full-time guitarplayer, and the new man on the bass is Jan Ebert, who played for bands like Scenes, Pump or Saidian. We are proud to have him in the team.

Jan Ebert

On our band-section You can have a look for detailed informations on our new member, and please leave a note in our guestbook.
pOwEr To ThE mUsIc
S.I.N.; January 06

::9th of January 2006::
New Year
We wish all of you all the best for 2006.
Please check back soon cause we got some news coming up.

::21st of November 2005::
Interview with Deddy online
DJ Bonne had some questions for Deddy, and his answers can be found on www.melodicjourney.com.

::31st of October 2005::
AOR Dreamzone Review
"Another contender for my top twenty of 2005" is what Ian Johnson says about EQUILIBRIUM. If you want to read more, click here and scroll down.

::29th of October 2005::

Soundbits online
In our download-section you can now listen to some soundbits of EQUILIBRIUM as well as from our debut.

::12th of October 2005::
Melodicrock.com Review
You can find the latest review on Equilibrium on www.melodicrock.com. We got a rating of 85% there, thanks to Andrew J. McNiece. Again, you have to scroll a little...

Get your copy
If you did not get your copy of EQUILIBRIUM yet, please visit the store of our label www.aorheaven.com. Currently we are on the 2nd place of Aorheaven's Top Ten.

Rockradio.se again
With "Fight For My Life" we are still on the 7th place of the charts of swedish rockradio.se.

::11th of October 2005::
Japanese BURRN!-Magazine gave us a fantastic review. We got a score of 88% which we are very proud of. Thanks to all the guys BURRN!

Belgian Magazine MINDVIEW also features a review on Equilibrium with 6/7 points.

::9th of October 2005::
Metal Hammer Review
Dear friends, we are quite honored to tell you, that we got a very good review in german METAL HAMMER Magazine. 6 out of 7 is quite a good result, as we think. Thanks to all the Hammer-guys, and please go to the stores to get yourself a copy of Metal Hammer.
We also got a score of 82% in wellknown dutch AARDSHOCK-magazine.

New Review
You can find another new review on Strutter 'Zine. You have to scroll a little...

::6th of October 2005::
Some new reviews again
Please check the following links for more reviews on "Equilibrium". Thanks a lot.
www.melodichardrocktoday.tk (english)
www.rockreport.be (english) 5/6 stars
www.prettiesforyou.de (english) 7.8/10 points
www.artrock.se (swedish) 8/10 points

::29th of September 2005::
News from Jay
We have good news from Jay. Operation went fine so far, and he is just in the recovering state. We'll be sure he'll be back quite soon. Thanks a lot to all who think of him.

Rock It!-Sampler
Our Song "Johnny's Running" is featured on the sampler of current Rock-It! Magazine. Go to the store to get your copy and check their webpage www.rock-it-magazine.de.

New Review
For those of you who are able to read japanese language, you can find a review on www.mhrock.com.

::26th of September 2005::
Equilibrium Release
Today our 2nd album Equilibrium is released all over Europe via Metal Heaven. So go to the stores to get your copy of the album.

New Reviews
The first one can be found on www.squealer.net. Another nice one is on www.bright-eyes.de. And the last, but certainly not least, one for today can be read on www.concreteweb.be. Please check those sites out.

::22nd of September 2005::
New review
Please check www.metal-inside.de for a new review on our album.

Interview with Deddy
On www.sleaze-metal.com you can find a nice interview with deddy. Please check it out.

::19th of September 2005::
Sad news today

Hello all,
we are very sad to announce that all our coming gigs have to be cancelled. Among those is our Releaseparty concert, that was planed for Sept. 27th in Ludwigsburg.
The reason for this is quite a sad one. Jason is having more and more troubles with a growth at his throat. We did not expect it to be that bad, but he got called into hospital as an emergency and has a operation this coming monday, the day "Equilibrium" is released.
We feel honestly sorry, but we have to put health in first place in a situation like this. Please send your prayers out for Jason that everything goes right, and be sure, we will be coming back for some blasting shows near you in 2006.

Thanks to everyone, and Jason, your bandmates think of you

::17th of September 2005::
New reviews
Please check www.rock-impressions.com. we got a nice review there. Unfortunately it is italian, but we are working on a proper translation.
We got a 9-point review in german heavy!-magazine. So go to the stores to get it.

::15th of September 2005::
Equilibrium is album of the month
We've been nominated "Album Of The Month" on german webpage www.sonny1968.de. You can also find a special with our singer Jason there.
Please enjoy!

::14th of September 2005::
Top 20 for 5 weeks in a row
We are now in the charts of swedish rockradio.se with "Nail It To The Wall" for five weeks. Big thanks go out to everybody who gave us his or her vote.
On top of that "Fight For My Life" jumped upwards to the second place. Thanks a lot.

::7th of September 2005::
New Review
You can find a nice review on Equilibrium on the french webpage crossrocks.com. The ones who are able to read french might notice, that they quite liked the album. We got 94 out of 100 points over there.

Some updates on rockradio.se
"Fight For My Life" made a big step upwards from 10 to place 5. "Nail It To The Wall" is still featured on the 11th place of the charts. Please check rockradio.se for more informations.

::1st of September 2005::
Some Reviews on Equilibrium
Please read the following reviews on our upcoming album "Equilibrium" which is scheduled for september 26th. You can find the first on sleaze-metal.com and number 2 on blogcritics.org.
Please check those sites.

Radio Interview
You can hear Alex in an interview on melodic-rock-station this sunday between 18:00 and 20:00 o'clock german time. You can listen to it in the area around Duisburg, Germany on UKW 92,2. You'll get a little inside-knowledge on "Equilibrium" and you can also hear some songs of the album.
Please tune in for the show.

Equilibrium Release-Party
We are proud to anounce, that a big release-party for "Equilibrium" will take place in the Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg on September 27th, one day after the album is officially released.
Please come around and enjoy us life on stage.

Life Dates
Please check back regularly to see our current life dates. The concerts-section will be updated soon to announce a few gigs, among others with AXXIS, SHYLOCK and WICKED SENSATION.

::29th of August 2005::
rockradio.se again
"Nail It To The Wall" is still featured on the 2nd place of the charts of rockradio.se for week 33. But that's not all, "Fight For My Life" also jumped in on place 10.
Big thanks to sweden...

::24th of August 2005::
Release in Japan
Today is the day that our album "Equilibrium" is released in japan and asia through Marquee/Avalon.
We hope you enjoy listening to the record as much as we enjoyed recording it.

::12th of August 2005::
SIN on 2nd place of swedish rockradio charts
With our upcoming album "Equilibrium" we entered in the chars of swedish internetradio-station rockradio.se for week 32.
On top of that, the opener "Nail It To The Wall" was voted tune of the week 31.
Thanks to everybody who voted for us.

::6th of August 2005::
Some Line-Up changes with SIN again
Unfortunately we have to announce that Ouzo had to quit the band due to her situation at work. She simply doesn't have the time for S.I.N. anymore. We want to thank her for all her support and give our best wishes to her for the future. Thanks, Ouzo!

But don't panic. This doesn't mean you won't see us on stage. We already figured out a proper solution for this situation. On our upcoming gigs Wolfgang will be taking over the bass parts, as he already played some bass on the record. For the live-lineup, the lead guitar will be handled by an old friend of the band. His name is Marc Witteborg and he already played together with Deddy and Wolfgang in the past. We are very busy rehearsing and we are really looking forward to do some concerts.
So welcome to the SIN-Camp, Marc.

Interview with Jason
You can find an interview with our vocalist on www.melodicrock.de. Please have a look on the site.

::3rd of August 2005::
Listen to "Equilibrium"
You can listen to a one minute teaser of all the songs on "Equilibrium" on www.melodicrock.com. Thanks a lot to Andrew J. McNiece.

Please check back for another big news coming this week.

::17th of July 2005::
"Equilibrium" to be released in asia
One month passed since the last update, and a lot happened in the S.I.N.-camp. Today we can proudly anounce, that our album "EQUILIBRIUM" will be released in asia by MARQUEE/AVALON. The release is set to the 24th of August 2005, one month before the record is also released in europe by "METAL Heaven".

The tracklist for the asian version of "EQUILIBRIUM" reads as follows:
01. nail it to the wall
02. one small voice
03. it?s forever
04. walk away
05. fight for my life
06. the reason
07. johnny?s running
08. nightwinds
09. for getting over us
10. winding road
11. flowerlove (bonustrack)

Stay tuned for more updates concerning live-dates and more.

::17th of June 2005::
European Release of Equilibrium confirmed
We are very happy and proud to anounce that we will release our upcoming album "Equilibrium" on german label METAL HEAVEN. We want to thank the whole METAL HEAVEN crew and especially Georg Siegl and Birgitt Schwanke.
The album will be released all over Europe on September, 26th 2005. Here is the official METAL HEAVEN press release:

"On the same day, METAL HEAVEN will release the new album by German Hard Rock band S.I.N. entitled "Equilibrium". This album was produced by the duo of Andler & Frank at CBV Studios in Pforzheim, Germany and mixed by Jochen Sachse and mastered by J?rgen Lusky at House Of Audio. With Michael Klein (g., Wicked Sensation) and his solo on the song "The Reason" and Michael Voss (v., Casanova, Silver) as guest singer for a duet with Jason Marks on "It's Forever" and on backing vocals, two long-time friends of the band can be heard on this record.

Overall, this second effort by S.I.N. is a little harder and more straight than album No.1 which according to the words of drummer Hlousek is "a natural progress of Somehwere Into Nowhere".

For promotional info please write to: Birgitt Schwanke.
Visit our label METAL HEAVEN: www.aorheaven.com.

::3rd of June 2005::
Time to reveal our new artwork
Long time no hear, but we have quite some great news coming up.
Today is the day to reveal the artwork of our upcomimg second studio album called "EQUILIBRIUM".

Hope you like it:

The tracklist reads as follows:
01. nail it to the wall
02. one small voice
03. it?s forever
04. walk away
05. fight for my life
06. the reason
07. johnny?s running
08. nightwinds
09. for getting over us
10. winding road

Stay tuned for some really big news to come up.

::26th of April 2005::
New Soundbytes - check them out
Hi all,
today is the day that we reveal the first soundbytes of our upcoming album EQUILIBRIUM. Have fun listening to the songs and please write your feelings about them down in our guestbook.

Winding Road (1518 kB) [currently removed]
Nightwinds (1618 kB) [currently removed]

(right-click and "save as...")

More details on the release will follow as soon as possible.

::29th of March 2005::
Another new member again
Yesterday evening deddy got a son. At 7:46 pm Jordan Colin Andler was born. Both baby and mom simone are well.
All the best from your fellow band members!

::15th of March 2005::
Long time no hear
Quite a lot days have gone by since the last update, but we were very busy those days. The mixes are done and on top of that we've already mastered "Equilibrium" yesterday at House of Audio Studios.
Jochen Sachse (Mix) and J?rgen Lusky (Master) did a great job once again, like they already did on "Somewhere Into Nowhere". Big thanks to you two guys and the whole crew at HOA.

So please stay tuned for more updates concerning the release, which will follow soon.

::15th of January 2005::
First news this year, and a good one
Thanks a lot to everybody who participated in MTM's 2004-poll.
We made the first place as "Best MTM Newcomer 2004". Thanks for voting for us.
Please check back for some news on our next album soon

::15th of December 2004::
Recordings finished
The last update is quite a while gone now and we have been very busy in the last month and really worked a lot.
Today we are proud to tell you, that we finished the recordings for our next album "Equilibrium". We will start with the mix somewhen round end of january or beginning of february, so that you can get the record as soon as possible. But at first we will have a very, very short winterbreak, just in order to have "fresh ears" for the mix. ;-)
Thanks for passing by.

::10th of November 2004::
Jay is done
Last night Jay finished the last bits of his vocal recordings for EQUILIBRIUM, and he did a great job on them again. So now there are only a few guitars, little keys and some other add-ons missing, and then we are ready for the mix.

Photoshooting 2004
We had quite a good photoshooting last weekend. Here is one pic of the session. Big Thanks to Thomas Kilian, our photographer.

S.I.N. in 2004:
Deddy, Wolfgang, Jason, Ouzo and Alex (f.l.t.r.)

::3rd of November 2004::
Soundclips of MTM Sampler No. 10
On www.melodicrock.com you can find bits of all featured songs. So if you want to know how our song "Never Change" sounds, just check it out.

::11th of Octoberber 2004::
Band-Section updated
If you want to learn more about our bassgirl Ouzo Raschke, please visit our band-section and read all about her favs and stuff.

::29th of September 2004::
S.I.N. is featured on the current MTM Sampler No. 10
With a new and previously unreleased song called "Never Change" we are featured on the current MTM Sampler. The complete list of artists and songs consists of:

Relapse - All In All (Rough Mix unreleased)
Martie Peters Group - The Beast Inside (unreleased)
Shylock - Farewell (unreleased)
Fate - Everything About You (unreleased)
Brunorock - Pray For Rain (unreleased)
SIN - Never Change (unreleased)
Shy - I Will Be Home (unreleased)
Seven Wishes - Cross My Heart (unreleased)
Zeno - Call Of The Heart (unreleased)
Edge Of Forever - Snake Eyes (unreleased)
RPM - How Do I get You (unreleased)
Rhapsody Sweden - I've Done All I Can (unreleased)
Novak - Save Me (unreleased)
Jani Lane - Lay Your Hands On Me (unreleased)
Misty May - Reality (unreleased)
Dare - Into The Fire (Rough Mix / live)
Fate - Everything About You (Rough Mix / live)

Please visit our label MTM or their online-store MusicBuyMail for further informations on the release.

::22nd of September 2004::
Church Wedding again
As a surprise for deddy we got Michael Voss to sing a song for him in church. With him we performed Stan Bush's "in the name of love", a song with a special meaning for the two.

Here you have a pic of the ceremony:
Picture supplied by Carsten Schulz. Thx.

Deddy was quite happy seeing Michael Voss, who is one of his all-time favorit singers, performing on his own wedding.
Thanks alot Michael to make this happen.

::20th of September 2004::
New Guestbook on our page
As you may have noticed we have a new guestbook. The old one was no longer working the way we wanted it. So please leave your footprints again.

Last saturday Deddy and his wife Simone had their church wedding. All the best for the future for you and your family from your band mates!

::18th of September 2004::
S.I.N. feat. Mr. Michael Voss
We are very proud to announce that we could get no one less than Mr. Michael Voss to contribute his voice to our following album EQUILIBRIUM. M. Voss, who is the driving force behind such great bands as CASANOVA, SILVER and DEMON DRIVE added backing vocals to five songs on the record. And on top of that he did one song as a duett with Jason Marks. Watch out for the new CASAONVA and SILVER albums and be prepared that you will here some great stuff of him on our new cd.
We are also happy to find a guitar solo of Michael Klein (WICKED SENSATION) on one of the songs. He fought quite a nice duell with Wolfgang Frank.
Big Thanks to you guys for recording with us.

Another Review
We also found another review of ours on www.utahmetal.com. Please have a look.

::14th of July 2004::
Get your copy of MTM's Ballads Sampler No.5 now
You can now get your onw copy of the sampler at your local record store or online at MusicBuyMail.com.
Don't miss it!

::29th of June 2004::
News on MTM Ballads Sampler No.5
Please visit the australian webzine www.melodicrock.com. There you can now listen to soundbytes of all featured songs of this sampler in the showcase-section. A list of those songs can be found below this post.

::14th of June 2004::
S.I.N. to be featured on the next MTM Ballads Sampler
We are very glad that our Ballad "A New Tomorrow", taken from our current release "Somewhere Into Nowhere" will be featured on the next MTM Ballads Sampler. The Album is scheduled for July 12th, and here we have the complete list of all featured tracks:

Dare - Silent Hills (recent album "Beneath The Shining Water")
TNT - Perfectly (recent album "My Religion")
Human Temple - Desert Rain (recent album "Insomnia")
Joe Lyn Turner - Love Don't Live Here (recent album "JLT")
Greenhouze - Train Song (forthcoming album "Greenhouze")
XYZ - Deny (recent album "Letter To God")
Faro - Coast To Coast (recent album "Dawn Of Forever")
Edge Of Forever - The Road We Walked On (recent album "Feeding The Fire")
S.I.N. - A New Tomorrow (recent album "Somewhere Into Nowhere")
Crystal Blue - Sylvia (recent album "Detour")
Sayit - Longing For Someone To Hold (recent album "Sayit - Louder")
Shylock - Late Night Show (recent album "Welcome To Illusion")
Shiva - Loosing My Child (recent album "Desert Dreams")
Shortino/Northrup - Like A Storm (recent album "Afterlife")
Broke N Blue - Heaven In My Hands (recent album "Northern Light")

Please visit our label MTM or their online-store MusicBuyMail for further informations on the release.

::31st of May 2004::
Our new record!
We are still busy working on the follow-up to our debut "Somewhere Into Nowhere", and now it's time to reveal the titel as well as the names of the tracks for this record. The album will be called "Equilibirum" and the tracks are:
fight for my life
for getting over us
it's forever
johnny's running
nail it to the wall
one small voice
the reason
walk away
winding road

The record will be quite heavier than our debut and it will feature much more guitarwork.

You can become a member of the S.I.N.-Fanclub by writing an email to Charly Bach. His adress is: fans@sin-band.com.

New Endorsement
From now on, Alex will exclusively use miGe Electronic Drum Pads. www.miGe.de

::11th of April 2004::
We have a fan-club!
Thanks to our true fellow Charly Bach who is on his way of founding the official S.I.N.-fanclub. You can already see a first version of the website on www.sin-fanclub.de and you can contact Charly on his email-address fans@sin-band.com.
Thanks Charly.

New review again
We have found another review on our debut "Somewhere Into Nowhere" written by Scream-Magazines. Have a look here: www.scream-magazine.de

Work on our new record
The drums on our new record are done in the mean time and we are in the middle of our bass sessions. Ouzo is doing a really fantastic job. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!

::12th of March 2004::
New review and interview online
On www.planetheavymetal.de you can find a new review on our album "Somewhere Into Nowhere" as well as an interview with our drummer Alex.
Please have a look!

::7th of March 2004::
Good news from Japan
We were just informed that we are selling very well in japan. The magazine BURRN! lists our debut "Somewhere Into Nowhere" on the 3rd place of their import charts just after "Cold Winter Night" of ERIKA, and "The Glorious Burden" of ICED EARTH.
Thanks alot to our friends in japan!

::3rd of March 2004::
Melodicjourney.com charts
For several months in a row we are now in the reader's charts on www.melodicjourney.com and this time we made place two. Thanks to everyone who voted and supported us.
In the meantime we are already working on our new album, and we're doing quite good up to now. Soon we will reveal the titel and the artwork here, so please check back.

::3rd of February 2004::
Another new S.I.N.-Member and a new album
We are happy and glad to announce that the S.I.N.-Team is now enforced by another new member. We finally found the perfect backing for the vacant job of the bassplayer. From now on Ursula "Ouzo" Raschke will play the bassguitar in S.I.N.. She is 21 years young, lives near Pforzheim as we do and has played in several local bands. We are looking forward to the time and the work with her. You can alread contact her via Email to ouzo@sin-band.com, her member's-page will follow soon.

New album in fall 2004
We will start working on our new album in march and it is planned to release this follow up to "Somewhere Into Nowhere" somewhen in fall 2004. The Songwriting is finished, we now work over the arrangements and record the drums in the first week of march. Middle of march we want to start with the bass which will already be played by Ouzo. The record will consist of 11 Songs which will again please all kinds of melodicrock. Be prepared.

Thanks for passing by.

::26th of January 2004::
New S.I.N.-Member
Last night, at 0:00 CET, deddy's and simone's baby Jillian Faye was born at good health. All the best for you, your wife and the little baby from your bandmates Alex, Frankie and Jay.

::22nd of January 2004::
Another interview online
A new interview with deddy is now posted on the US-Site of Tad Loud Productions. Thanks to Sean Pruitt.

Please check our site regularly, cause we have got some news coming up soon.

::14th of January 2004::
News from Japan again
You can now find an interview on the japanese webzine www.mhrock.com.
Thanks to Tadakazu

::8th of January 2004::
News from Japan
Thanks a lot to our japanese friend Satoshi Tanaka who has a melodic rock webzine in japan. You can visit him on melodic-rock-invitation.
He provided us a review we got in japanese BURRN Magazine, the biggest hardrock magazine over there. We got a very good review, and 90 our of 100 possible points.
Thanks alot for these news, Satoshi.

::2nd of January 2004::
Happy New Year
All the best from us to you for the new year 2004. Thank you for the support so far, and be prepared for lots of news in the coming year.
Alex, Deddy, Frank and Jay

::19th of December 2003::
X-Mas Present from S.I.N
Dear friends,
to thank all of you for the great support through the last year, we have put a little X-mas present on our site. As a FREE DOWNLOAD you can now find the previously unreleased song "Listen To Your Heart". Please enjoy this song. It will be online for a limited time till 31st of December 2003.
We wish you and your families a merry christmas, and all the best for 2004.
If you like the song and you want to hear more from us, please check our debut "Somewhere Into Nowhere". It's available in a record-store near you. Thanks alot,
Alex, Deddy, Frank and Jay

::18th of December 2003::
Few updates
The next translation of an italian review is online. You can find it on the reviews page. It is the one we got on www.truemetal.it.

We found two new reviews in the world wide web. The first is on www.glory-daze.com, the second one you can find on www.eternalmetalflame.de.vu. It's a german review, and you have to search for it on our site because we can't link it directly. But it's worth surfing the site. for the english readers I have uploaded a translation to our reviews page.

Within the next few days we will have a little surprise here on our page, so please check back regularly.

::11th of December 2003::
Next translation online
Today we received the translation of the review on www.eutk.net. Again, you can find it on our reviews page.

::10th of December 2003::
Itbox-review translation online
I have put the translation of the review we got on www.itbox.it on our reviews page. A big thank you to Antonio Murgia for providing all those translations of italian reviews.
The other ones will follow soon.

::4th of December 2003::
The next italian one
Seems like we're recieving mainly italian reviews at the moment. Anotherone can now be found on the site www.itbox.it.
We are still trying to get translations for those three italian ones.
Thanks for passing by on our site.

::3rd of December 2003::
Again an italian review
With a review on our debut "Somewhere Into Nowhere" we are again featured on an italian e-zine. Please visit www.eutk.net to have a look.

::1st of December 2003::
Reader's charts on melodicjourney.com
We made it into the top ten of the reader's charts on the melodic e-zine www.melodicjourney.com.
Thanks to everyone who has given us a vote.

::27th of November 2003::
Reviewpage updated and new review again.
I have again updated our reviews site and put the italian review from www.metalmaniacs.it in an english translation online.
A new review, again an italian one, is posted on the site www.truemetal.it. Please have a look. We try to get a translation of this one, too. Check back.

::24th of November 2003::
Reviewpage updated
I put the argentinean review on our reviews site as well as some other reviews we recently got. The italian one will follow tomorrow. Please have a look.

::23rd of November 2003::
One more review
Please check the site of 2 Rock Magazine far another review of ours.

::21st of November 2003::
New reviews again
At first, sorry for not updating the page for such a long time. But then again, thanks for always checking back.

In the meantime, we found two new reviews on the internet. The first is from a czech magazine called whiplashmag. If you can understand this, please feel free to send us a translation to alex@sin-band.com. Unfortunately we don't know czech.
Thanks in advance.
The other review is from the argentinean webpage Planeta Rock. Please have a look, although it is in spanish language.

Coming updates
I got the spanish and italian review translated by friends into german language. I will put them to english this weekend and update our review-section by monday. So if you want to know what the south europeans think of us, please come back.

::4th of November 2003::
New review
Again you can find a new review of ours, this time on an Italian Magazine. Again we are trying to get this one translated. If you want to have a look on the site, here's the link: www.metalmaniacs.it.
Have a look, if you like to.

First endorsement-deal signed
From now on, Alex will exclusively use custom bassdrumheads built by drumsigns. You can find pics of his custom drumheads as soon as the design is done. Please visit the company's webpage:

MTM-Sampler released
In the meantime the MTM Sampler Volume 9 has been released. On this we are featured among other bands like TNT, Hughes Turner Project, Joe Lynn Turner, Faro and others. Click on the logo and visit our label's webpage for more infos.

Once again, thanks for passing by.

::23rd of October 2003::
New reviews again
You can find a new review online on www.8weekly.nl. Unfortunately this one is in dutch language. We work on an translation, but I can't promise that we get one right now. However, please have a look.
For the second review please go to www.melodic.net and scroll half way down.
Thanks for passing by.

::20th of October 2003::
Long time since the last update
We had no update for the last three weeks, but now you can find a new review and an interview with deddy. The review is listed on www.brighteyes.de. For the interview please visit www.melodicjourney.com. Thanks to DJ Bonne.

::1st of October 2003::
Special on Sonny's Rock & Metal Heaven
On www.sonny1968.de you can find an "In Own Words - Special" written by deddy and frank. Just click on the link to the "Specials" on the left site to access it.
Again a big thank you to Herbert "Sonny" Waldherr and his wife.

::29th of September 2003::
New review
There is a new review online on the Norwegian melodicrock-webzine www.melodichardrocktoday.tk. Please have a look.

::28th of September 2003::
SIN on Rock It-Sampler
With our album-opener "Crucified" we are on the newest Sampler of german Rock It-Magazine, and we also made into the top ten of the writer's charts.

::25th of September 2003::
Translation online.
You can find a translation of the french review from www.crossrocks.com on our site. Just visite our reviews page.
A big thank you to my sister danny for providing it.

::22nd of September 2003::
CD released
The day has come!
From now on our debut album "somewhere into nowhere" is available in your local record store!

::16th of September 2003::
Review on Sonny's page
There is a new review online on www.sonny1968.de. Thanks to Herbert "Sonny" Waldherr. A track-by-track comment written by Deddy and Frank will follow on his site soon.

::15th of September 2003::
Album of the month
In the september show on www.radio-rockavenue.de our debut "Somewhere Into Nowhere" was voted "Album of the month". Thanks alot!!

::13th of September 2003::
New review on www.melodicrock.com
On www.melodicrock.com you can find the review of Andrew J. McNiece. Have a look, we got 83%.

::10th of September 2003::
New review
As already stated in our guestbook, you can find a new review on the dutch heavy-metal e-zine www.lordsofmetal.nl. Check it out.
You can also find the first printed review in the actual edition of german "Heavy"-Magazine.

::9th of September 2003::
Album of the week
On www.MunichsHardestHits.com we are "Album of the week". Have a look on the guy's nice comment in our guestbook.
In addition to that we have a new review online on www.crossrocks.com. This review i written in french, but we are working on a translation for you. Please check the site if you're able to speak french!

::7th of September 2003::
New review again
Again we have to anounce a new review. You can find it on strutter'Zine. Please have a look.

::5th of September 2003::
Three new reviews online
We have three more reviews online, and this time two of the are in english. The first one can be found on the danish site www.peitersen.com. Another one is listed on the belgian webzine www.rockreport.be. The third in the row is an update of the Ear-Candy-Zone on www.melodicjourney.com. Have a look what Uli Lennarz wrote.

The german online store www.musicbuymail.com sells our album in their september package together with Hughes Turner Project 'II', Harem Scarem 'Higher' and a free copy of Tribute To Van Halen 'Best Of Both Worlds'.

S.I.N. will be featured on the forthcoming MTM Sampler Volume 9 among other bands like TNT, Hughes Turner Project, Joe Lynn Turner, Faro and others. Click on the logo and visit our label's webpage for more infos.

::4th of September 2003::
Another review
There is a new review online on www.metal-inside.de. Please have a look.

::1st of September 2003::
S.I.N. are september's ear-candy
Besides Harem Scarem's new release "Higher" and Alice Cooper's album "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper" we are proud to be one of september's ear-candies on www.melodicjourney.com.

Updated review-section
We also updated the review section on our site. Just have a look here.

Album of the month
On www.rock-avenue.de we won the pole position. Our debut is "Album of the month" for september 2003. Thank you to Jörg ‘DJ Bonne’ Bonszkowski.

And once again: Check back soon, because there are more reviews to follow.

::22nd of August 2003::
The train keeps rolling
Bits of of our debut are now also featured on www.melodicjourney.com. Big "Thank You" to Stefan Koller. You can also download sound-examples from our label's site www.mtm-music.com.
Reviews and interviews will follow soon, so check back regularly.

::18th of August 2003::
You can now find soundbites of our debut on www.melodicrock.com in the showcase-section. Please visit the site and support this great E-Zine!

::7th of August 2003::
Promotion started
First promotion discs have been sent to several magazines within the last few days. So you can for sure find reviews and interviews soon.

On holiday
After a lot of practising, we are now just taking a few days off. Deddy will be on holiday for the next two weeks, so whenever someone wants to contact us for a review, interview or whatever, please write to Alex@sin-band.com. Thanks.

::4th of August 2003::
Release is coming nearer
With big steps we are running torwards our release on september, 22nd. Check our label's website www.mtm-music.com for more news. The distribution for germany will be handled by SPV.
Also don't forget to check magazines and webzines regularly for reviews, interviews and so one.

And ... check back soon, please!

::9th of July 2003::
Release confirmed!
The release of our debut "somewhere into nowhere" is now confirmed. The record will be in stores on monday, 22nd of September 2003.
By clicking on the album-cover you can find soundbits of all songs of the album. Check them out, please.

As always ... stay tuned for more to come...

::8th of July 2003::
Currently rehearsing!
Currently we are rehearsing alot to be prepared for coming gigs. Although we have nothing confirmed yet we definitly aim to hit the stage when our record is released. While preparing the "old" material to be presented live we are already jamming on a whole bunch of new songs and riffs for the next album.
In the meantime all work on the master-tapes and the artwork is finished and we are looking forward to holding the final result in our hands.

Check back for more...

::12th of June 2003::
We are very happy and proud to anounce that we signed a deal with MTM-Music. We are really looking forward to the new partnership and to work with these guys. The record is scheduled for september 2003.
Take a look at the company's webpage for further information:

::21st of May 2003::
Soundsection updated!
We updated the download-section with new bits of all 10 songs that will be on our record. You can find them under downloads. When you click the songtitel, you can find the lyrics, too.
Have fun and drop us a line about what you think.

::2nd of May 2003::
In the meantime we are through with everything. Recordings, mix, mastering... everything is finished. At this point we want to thank everybody at house of audio for the fantastic time we had there, especially Jochen Weyer, Jochen Sachse, Jürgen Lusky and Frank Simml. Thank you guys!
We will now get in closer contact with several record labels and hope that our record will be available to you soon. Also we will update the download section with some new sound-bits and we will put on the lyrics, too.
Stay tuned for more details on this topic!

::18th of April 2003::
Personal sites also updated!
Today we have also updated the personal sites of our newest members wolfgang frank and alex hlousek. You can now have a closer look at them.

::17th of April 2003::
Bandpage updated!
We updated the bandpage with a new pic and some new infos. The personal site for alex and frank will follow!
Have a happy easter!

::16th of April 2003::
Only some brief news!
Right now we're just taking a few days off after we had so much work with recording and mixing. On april 29th we'll be mastering the record. So stayed tuned for more information according the release, cause we are also searching for a label and a management!

::3rd of April 2003::
Mixes done!
Yesterday we finished all the mixes at House of Audio studios and today we'll have the last recall. We want to thank everyone at House of Audio and especially Jochen Sachse for his fantastic work. Next week the mastering will be done also.

::26th of March 2003::
Still mixing!
There is not much going on at the moment. We are still at House of Audio mixing the songs. We hope to have this finished soon.
Check back for more information!

::11th of March 2003::
Recordings done!
We just finished all of our recordings!!! This week we will start with the mixes in House of Audio and look forward to present you the final cd soon. Stay tuned for more updates ... pOwEr To ThE mUsIc!

::24th of February 2003::
S.I.N. have a new line-up!!!
We are finally together again and welcome back our former forever-fellows and new S.I.N. fulltime-members Wolfgang "Frankie" Frank (guit.) and Alex Hlousek (dr.). We are really happy that we can rock with our friends again!!

frankie (guit.), deddy (guit.), jason (voc.) and alex (dr.)

According to this we have updated our contact-section. You can email our newest members if you want to.

But at the moment we don't have a guy on the bass, so if you think you could be our next member, feel free to contact us via email: deddy@sin-band.com.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

::7th of February 2003::
Tracklist confirmed
The tracklist on our debut album, which is now scheduled for late april 2003, will be as follows:

1. crucified
2. throwing it all away
3. somewhere into nowhere
4. all of my heart
5. learning to live
6. free falling
7. i know
8. a new tomorrow
9. rain
10. all or nothing

In the meantime jason came over all the way from england to record the last missing bits of the vocals. We will finish this by saturday and then go on with the last guitar solos.

Check back soon, cause we got a big surprise coming up!

::24th of January 2003::
Still recording.
Hello out there. We just wanted you to know that we are still working on our album. Deddy is laying down some rhythm and solo parts, and the sound really kicks ass. We have also finished the keys for the record. There will be some strings and synthies as well as an amazing piano-ballad.
You'll get more info here soon, that's all for now!

::14th of January 2003::
Here you see the cover-artwork of our forthcoming album "somewhere into nowhere". It was designed by Joerg Graeter of artistheaven.

::7th of January 2003::
After the christmas break we finally started to work again. All recordings should be finished by february so that we can start mixing in the first week of march.
Joerg Graeter, the same guy who designed this awesome page, will do the artwork for the album. Visit him on his website www.artistheaven.de

::24th of December 2002::
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!
We wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy new year and we are really looking forward to 2003 and our release in spring.

We want to thank you all for your great support and hope to see you on our first tour.

::17th of December 2002::
Vocalrecordings started!!
With almost 3 hours delay, Jason landed on Frankfurt airport last friday. On saturday we started recording the vocals. Three songs are finished in the meantime, and we all are very happy with the result.
Stay tuned for more news on this site!

::10th of December 2002::
Hello again, time for a little update.
Most of the guitar parts are recorded. Deddy finished the acoustics last week and he recorded almost all of his electrics. This saturday Jason will start with the voice recordings, and on top of that we are almost ready with the keys. We work our asses of, as you see, haha.
Btw, check out our latest review on www.rock-avenue.de
A BIG thank you to DJ Bonne.

::28th of November 2002::
Hello folks.
In the last two weeks we have recorded the bass in our own little studio. Deddy started with the acoustic guitars this monday. We are really happy how things work out. We hope that you will enjoy that record as much as we enjoy making it.
Stay tuned for more updates on this site. We will post pics of the recordings as soon as possible.

::16th of November 2002::
Sorry for only little updates but we were very busy recording the drums last week. We have finished the recordings at House of Audio Studios. The drums were engineerd by Jochen Weyer and the sound really rocks.

::08th of November 2002::
All rehearsals have been finished and we are ready to hit the studio. Monday morning we will enter House of Audio. The tracklist is as follows (working titels in alphabetical order):

all of my heart
all or nothing
a new tomorrow
free falling
i know
learning to live
somewhere into nowhere
throwing it all it all away

::22nd of October 2002::
Our first review is online. Take a look at sonny's rock-page. We got ten out of ten possible points there!!! Thanx a lot!

::18th of September 2002::
Preproduction for our debut is done. On November 11th Hjesus and Haakon will enter House of Audio Studios to record drums and bass together. All recordings should be finished this year and the release is scheduled for early 2003.

::09th of September 2002::
www.sin-band.com is online. Please enjoy youself on our page.

::17th of August 2002::
We are now recording our first four-track demo "Somewhere Into Nowhere". The songs are called "Throwing It All Away", "Rain", "A New Tomorrow" and "Somewhere Into Nowhere". Check back the song-section for sound samples soon.

::10th of August 2002::
Bass-player Haakon Svensson, Guitarist Marc Voice and drummer Hjesus Ramirez Gonzalez recruted for recording the first demos.

::30th of July 2002::
"Somewhere Into Nowhere" (S.I.N.) founded by Deddy Andler and Jason Marks.
::back to current news::