::a new tomorrow::

[verse 1]
she loves to watch the sun go down
find shelter in the sea, without a sound
the love she gives so easily
is so hard to be found, and she keeps on giving

[bridge 1]
she’s the one to make me laugh
she’s my shoulder when im crying
standing tall, when i fall
and always keeps on trying
wide open sky dark clouds passing by

like a ship in the night
follow your heart
follow the stars and you’ll find
ride the wings of the storm
don’t drown in your sorrow
you can sail into a new tomorrow

[verse 2]
she loves to watch the rising sun
and light up all the night
when all hope is gone
holding on to her dreams
even if they’re out of reach
and she keeps on fighting

[bridge 2]
she’s the one to catch my fall
she’s always there beside me
standing tall when i fall
and always keeps on trying
wide open sky, dark clouds passing by


[solo bridge]
we know - life is sometimes hard and sometimes sweet
we know - wishes can come true by a falling star
if you believe in a new tomorrow


All rights reserved
© 2002 by S.I.N.