::18th of December 2003::
On www.eternalmetalflame.de.vu

For me this is the German/British melodicrock-surprise of the year. This quartett has learned it’s trades and they have names you have to hear: With Deddy Andler (ex-forever), the british singer Jason Marks (ex-balance of power), Alex Hlousek (Drums) and Wolfgang Frank (Bass) a powerful Rockband has formed.
On this kingly record you find 10 tracks, fiery rocking mid-tempo songs and emotional ballads, all you need for good melodic rock. Tracks like “crucified”, “throwing it all away” or “rain” really hook you up the bouncer “all or nothing” rounds it down in a perfect manner. These songs would also be my playing tipps.
A very powerful melodic rock that comes out of your speaker systems, and it is a must for every fan of this kind of music. All in all a very good album released by MTM.

::18th of December 2003::
On www.glory-daze.com

If I read the bio from S.I.N correctly, and in particular their British vocalist Jason Marks, then he used to be in the band that became Balance of Power. What a shame they didn't keep him on, 'cause this guy's got some formidable pipes. Thankfully he hasn't been lost to melodic rock, emerging on the extremely strong debut from this Anglo/German quartet. Take a look at the favourite artists of these guys and you read a who's who of melodic rock, including Harem Scarem, Firehouse and Mr. Big. S.I.N have learnt well from their peers.
There isn't anything groundbreaking about S.I.N, but in this musical climate they are a shining light for melodic rock. Very tight with instant harmonies and memorable songs. On a couple of tracks you can hear their appreciation of Harem Scarem, such as 'Throwing It All Away' and 'All Or Nothing'. They've also managed to get one of the strongest tracks of the year in opener 'Crucified'. Wonderful chorus and vocals from Jason Marks. It's also the heaviest track on the album, with most of the material ranging from mid tempo rockers to acoustically backed ballads. The ballad 'Learning To Live' is S.I.N at their melodic best.
In a year that hasn't been that special for melodic rock releases, S.I.N have shown that there is still life in the old girl yet. A very fine debut and a very nice surprise. Looking forward to hearing more from Jason and the boys!

::18th of December 2003::
On www.truemetal.it

End of July 2002 guitarist Deddy Andler and British singer Jason Marks started to work together as S.I.N. In February 2003 bassplayer Wolfgang Frank and Drummer Alexander Hlousek joined the band. The project S.I.N., or Somewhere Into Nowhere, is a classic German metal product, on the same level of the big teutonic colleagues of the 90s like Fair Warning or Bonfire. So the composition of this record is no secret, choral parts, great riffs, perfect arrangements, all in all a pleasing production.
Some songs tend to memorize very much, especially “Crucified”, to which I unconsciously sung along in my car quite often. In this song Jason Marks does an outstanding job and he really reminds me of Tommy Heart in this tune. “Learning to live” is the other hit on the record, with some really nice riffs which remind me a little of Dream Theater in their melodic days. It’s too bad about the middle part, which in my opinion doesn’t fit at all. The album continues with more songs on a very high standard, with outstanding goodies like “Freefalling”, a typical AOR tune, or “I Know”, which brings Queensryche in their best days back to my mind with it’s tasty piano. The only songs which are a little weaker are “All of my heart” and the monotonous ones “A new tomorrow” and “Rain”. This band makes a very strong start with their debut, which reminds you of the best times of melodic rock and probably gets a attention back on this kind of music, with the help of a sensational singer.

::11th of December 2003::
On www.eutk.net

This german/english band was founded in the year of 2002 by guitarist Deddy Andler and british singer Jason Marks. With the complete band they soon went to the german “house of audio” studios to record their Debut in the style of 80s Power Rock, with an influence of melodicrock and AOR.
The album varies from fast songs to classical ballads, but always keeps it’s individual sound, which is not far away from Bonfire, Danger Danger, Shy or Fair Warning. “Crucified” opens the album on a grand scale, with a nice riff and a big choral sound (in the instrumental part you can recognize a style of Dream Theater’s Ytse Jam). The CD continues on the same high level, the ballads are built up in the 80s style, with a central guitarsolo and those typical choirs. Solely the kind of atypical “I know” reminds you a little of “Empire” from Queensryche. “Rain” is a wonderful song, and “All Or Nothing” the appropriate end in a british-melodic style, which lifts up the speed for a last time.
It is probably a little too early to speak of a “new wave of european melodic rock”, but this CD makes a very good start for it. An almost equal opposer to the big force from the other side of the ocean called “Haerem Scarem”.

::10th of December 2003::
On www.itbox.it

MTM, as a strong supporter of 80s hard rock who always stand up for this genre, now delivers you the debut-album of a group called S.I.N., a german quartet. “Somewhere Into Nowhere”.
The record is filled with classical melodicrock, and spiced up with fast changes. In the solos you can hear the big influence of Iron Maiden, even if S.I.N.’s music is way softer. Technically, the music is nothing special, but through all of the 40 minutes of the record you have a very high level. Therefore you don’t have a real highlight on this CD. The band doesn’t risk too much and they always play in between a certain musical space, which is kind of typical for melodic rock. The singer, which pleases in high and low tunes, delivers a good job throughout the record. The production is not really clean, but characterizes the sound of the group as “vintage”. As a complement to their sound, the artwork has some futuristic rudiments.
“Somewhere Into Nowhere” is a collection of more or less linear songs, which are oriented on classic hard rock. When you like this kind of music, you now know what to do, if not, you have to search on.

::24th of November 2003::
On www.2rock.cjb.net

S.I.N. (Somewhere Into Nowhere) is a new german Melodic Rock outfit featuring Deddy Andler. As you scroll down on the review page you'll find a review on Forever, the former band of the guitarists Deddy & Wolfgang. Now they've joined forces with British singer Jason Marks & Alex Hlousek on drums...
Jason Marks is a singer extra-ordinary which reminds me on Dutch singer Peter Strikes (Vandenberg, 1st Avenue). Problem with this kind of singers is that they always sound like they are very sad... Songs don't give you a happy feeling. This doesn't say the CD or the singing is poor! Not at all...
Somewhere into nowhere is a very good CD which is doin'overtime in my CD-player! Great melodic hardrock with AOR hooks, great melodies & very good harmonies! Highlights for me are "Crucified" (could be a Talisman song!), the relaxed "Throwing it all away" & the title song "somewhere into nowhere", which could be a Queensryche song. If you're into melodic rock in the Queensryche/Talisman vein, give this CD a try! You won't be disappointed...!!!
Marcel Bourgonje

::21st of November 2003::
On www.planeta-rock.com.ar

There are good news in the hardrock scene. A good example for this is the fantastic output of a new band called S.I.N., which was recently released through MTM and is entitled “Somewhere Into Nowhere”. The Band was founded a little more then one year ago, when guitarist Deddy Andler formed the group with british singer Jason Marks.
The proposal of S.I.N. is simple. Melodic hradrock, well played, with a handful of catchy Songs. They are lucky to have such a guitarist, because the solos he lays down are very interesting. It is very difficult for me to describe the feelings I have when I listen to those songs, and it is hard to bring this to paper. But I would like to recommend the songs “crucified” (without a doubt one of the best compositions of the year.) Great song all the way, with power and melody. With an extraordinary voice and an exquisite guitarsolo. On the same melodic line with the same quality you find the songs ”Throwing It All Away” and “Somewhere Into Nowhere”. Concerning the ballads, we can find two very good songs with “All Of My Heart” and “New Tomorrow”.
All in all it is a very good album and it is very recommendable for everyone who is interested in discovering new hardrockbands with melodic songs. Throughout they have s strong voice, strong choruses. They present a high level.

::4th of November 2003::
On www.metalmaniacs.it

The acronym S.I.N is easy to understand, you only have to look at the titel of the album to know what it means. Somewhere Into Nowhere, a name that reminds you of something psychedelic, what is somehow fulfilled through Deddy Andler and his colleagues of the band. At first you have to say, that S.I.N sound very direct on the first listening without being trivial. I would compare them with the great Queensryche in their Empire-period. This comparison might not please Andler, Marks, Frank and Hlousek, but if you listen to the record you find a very good CD with interesting and original songs. The only deficit on this record is probably the production, where the instrumental site came a little too short. It’s a pity, cause otherwise we could talk of a masterpiece.
Back to the album. It starts with “crucified” a fast one, but sadly one of the not so good tunes on the record. The English singer Jason Marks makes a very good job, especially in the nice song “Throwing It All Away”, with lots of pleasant guitar-riffs. We reach the top of the record with the title-track “Somewhere Into Nowhere”, in every aspect a wonderful song. Listen to this tune with the fixed “repeat-button” for at least ten times. After this one the record slows down a little with the ballad “All Of My Heart” to gain back speed with the almost progressive song “Learning To Live”. A great interplay between Marks’ smooth voice and those nice riffs. “Freefalling” is an acceptable song, kind of anthem-rock with big guitars and a lot of bass. A better one is “I Know” in which the English singer Marks shows a very good job. He demonstrates again, that he can sing best in his low voice. Very good. “A New Tomorrow”, the longest song on the album (5:20 min), is another nice track. A very good song again is “Rain” in which the singer delivers a great job again. A lot faster and with a very rocking groove is the last song of the record “All Or Nothing” (compliment on the title).
As I already said, this first record of Andler and his colleagues is a little pearl, but the production could be better. Nevertheless, the band demonstrates that they can play their instruments and that they can write songs. I believe in their future and I think that they are worth to be called “promising”.

::23rd of October 2003::
On www.melodic.net

S.I.N is a new act that has released a nice melodic hardrock album with a twist of tougher AOR. This is a German band with an english singer named Jason Marks. Mr. Marks is a very good singer and these guys are no newcomers because they have been in various bands before. S.I.N has a sound that reminds of American bands like Savannah and Firehouse. Opening track "Crucified" is a wonderful AOR-smasher with awesome harmony and background vocals. This is a brilliant guitardriven pompish AOR song that reminds very much of Savannah´s debut. Superb song that has got me playing it over and over again. I had the chorus spinnin in my head for hours. The chorus on "Throwing It All Away" is Street Talk all the way. Rest of the song sounds more like Pride. Fans of Firehouse will love "Somewhere Into Nowhere". This rocker could have been on some of the latest works with Firehouse.
Jason Marks sounds like C.J Snare mixed with Earle Lord(Savannah). "All Of My Heart" is a good pianoballad where Savannah meets Firehouse. If "Crucified" is my favorite track on the album then "Freefalling" are not far behind. "Freefalling" is a strong straigh ahead AOR-rocker with a catchy chorus filled with superb melodies. On "I Know" they show a more progressive side of the band. This sounds more like Queensryche. Ok song but nothing more. The Firehouse smelling "Rain" is good. This mid-tempo song has nice mix of acoustic and electric guitars. S.I.N surprised me like Faro did couple of months ago. This is nothing new under the sun but these guys delivers it in a nice package. An album filled with catchy melodic hardrock/AOR songs with good variation and a great sound. Not a classic album but a very good album indeed.

::20th of October 2003::
On www.brighteyes.de

Bei SIN handelt es sich zunächst einmal um eine Band, die zum ganz überwiegenden Teil aus Musikern der Gruppe Forever besteht. Forever gibt es (dem damaligen Namen ganz zum Trotz) nun nicht mehr, doch SIN knüpfen eigentlich da an, wo man mit der alten Combo aufgehört hat. Der kreative Kopf von SIN (Gitarrist Deddy Andler) spinnt seine Idee von melodischem Hardrock weiter, der vor allem durch seine guten und allzeit breit angelegten Refrains zu gefallen weiß. Der britische Sänger Jason Marks veredelt mit seinem leicht rauchig aber doch anschmiegsamen Organ (und ich bleibe dabei: Paul Stanley von Kiss klingt ähnlich) jeden Track auf eindrucksvolle Weise. Herauszuheben ist sicher noch die exquisite Gitarrenarbeit. Jetzt aber zu den Kritikpunkten: Der Stil von „Somewhere Into Nowhere“ ist alles in allem ziemlich kommerziell und mit einer arg glatten Produktion versehen. Schön wäre es meiner Ansicht nach gewesen, öfter mal etwas auszubrechen wie bei dem genialen ´I Know´, das schon fast nach Queensryche klingt. Bei mehr Abwechslung (vor allem beim Tempo), einer härteren Gitarre und druckvollerem Gesamtsound gibt’s beim nächsten Mal noch mehr Punkte. So ist „nur“ eine solide 10 drin.
Bernd Joachim
10 von 13 Augen

::29th of September 2003::
On www.melodichardrocktoday.tk

It was guitarist Deddy Andler and singer Jason Marks who started S.I.N., Somewhere Into Nowhere. And the meaning of the name tells us about a step into the unknown and the beginning of a new musical adventure. The lineup was completed in February 2003, with guitarist and bass player Wolfgang Frank and drummer Alexander Hlousek. The recording of the selftitled album took place in the well known House-Of-Audio studio in Germany and the album is produced by Andler and Frank. S.I.N. is a German band, but has a British singer, something that we can hear on his vocal accent compared to many German singers. Powerful melodic hard rock with great melodies and nice choruses is what S.I.N. have on their minds, and they have really a great taste for writing good songs. I have to admit that my CD player is red hot after listening several times to these 10 great songs the last week.
Crucified is the opening track, with great rhythm guitars and big vocals from Jason Marks, his voice is really great and he has this right pitch in his voice that I`m after from vocalists. They have emerged to get an own style on their songs with a bit of the 80`s European hard rock mixed together with a more modern style and sound. All the songs are highlights and to pick out standout tracks is hard, but songs like Learning To Live, Free Falling and the only song with a taste of progressive rock, I know, who in some vocal parts reminded me of James La Brie`s voice and specially in the slow and soft part in the song. A New Tomorrow is a beautiful ballad with a great chorus and a big refrain. Track ten, All Or Nothing, is a more guitar-oriented rock song and shows us the variety in S.I.N.`s songs. It will be nice to follow this band in the future, this is only their first album and a great start for this new band with big potencial and great songs!

::25th of September 2003::
On www.crossrocks.com

S.I.N. (Somewhere into Nowhere) has been born out of the ruines of Forever, a German melodic rock band which for a while had amongst them the lead-singer Carsten Schultz (Domain, Evidence One…), before the arrival of British lead-singer Jason Marks. Nothing astonishing has happened since then, the new album has been recorded by almost all the members of the first album of the group (Faces Of The Past, published in 2002 by Ebola Records).
Those of you who know this first album of Forever will not really be taken aback. On the new album Somewhere into Nowhere you will again find a more or less straight melodic rock emphasized by the quite high voice of Jason Marks which occasionally reminds of Geoff Tate. The group possesses an intense feeling for melodies and grants us on this album some songs of total beauty, satisfying a desire for emotions and even creating a melancholic atmosphere (Somewhere Into Nowhere, Rain). You also find some hymns like the great I Know which could have well been liked by the fans of QUEENSRYCHE during the Empire period.
One can only praise MTM’s initiative which has taken this band under its wings, even though they had only been destined for the German market via the label Generation Records in the beginning. In any case, S.I.N. delivers us a beautiful collection of songs of which a large number will not leave my memory that soon. Let’s hope that the group will in future develop into a much more hospitable world than it has known so far. They deserve it!

Translation provided by Danica Hlousek

::12th of September 2003::
Andrew J. McNiece on www.melodicrock.com

SIN isn't a well known outfit, but once word of this album gets out, I am sure that oversight will be corrected. I don't think the album cover reflects the music within accurately – it looks like a metal type affair, but in reality, the guys play a very melodic brand of European hard rock. And they do it very well.
The band is German, but features a British singer – Jason Marks, which helps in the delivery of the songs – there's none of that vocal accent so many Germany bands have.
The band's style is hard to define – its melodic hard rock with harmony vocals come chorus time and a powerful rhythm section that is constantly at work.
The uptempo Crucified is a strong start to the album, while Throwing It All Away is as melodic as you will hear coming out of Europe, and All Of my Heart is a big soaring ballad.

The Bottom Line
Best described as powerful and melodic European hard rock, SIN has recorded a strong debut that should put them in a more prominent position for the future. The combination of a European band and British singer means the guy shave captured the best of both worlds and should see them appeal to a wider audience that what might have been.

::10th of September 2003::
Guus on www.lordsofmetal.nl

End of July 2002 guitar player Andler and British singer Jason Marks founded the band S.I.N, which means Somewhere Into Nowhere. You get it. Standing at the crossroad with their minds full of questions and dreams how to continue their musical life the idea for the band S.I.N was born. The name should express the step into the unknown and the beginning of a new musical adventure. They started in the following line up: Jason on lead vocals, Deddy Andler on guitar, Alexander Hlousek on drums and Wolfgang Frank on bass.
S.I.N soon decided to go to the well-known House of Audio studio in Germany and record their self-titled album, which consists of ten songs. The style of the band can at best be described as powerful hardrock ranging from emotional ballads to up tempo rockers. Best songs on the CD are the title-track, ‘Learning To Live’, ‘Freefalling’ and the AOR like ‘All Or Nothing’. The songs have their own spirit and character and sound well balanced. A real asset to every melodic rock collection.
Score: 74/100

::9th of September 2003::
On www.crossrocks.com

S.I.N. (pour Somewhere Into Nowhere) est né des ruines de Forever, un groupe de hard mélodique allemand ayant à une époque compté dans ses rangs le chanteur Carsten Schultz (Domain, Evidence One..), avant l'arrivée de l'anglais Jason Marks. Rien d'étonnant dès lors à ce qu'on y retrouve la quasi totalité des membres qui ont enregistré le premier et unique album du groupe (Faces Of The Past sorti en 2002 chez Ebola Records).
Ceux d'entre vous qui connaissent cet album de FOREVER ne seront pas véritablement dépaysés. On retrouve sur Somewhere Into Nowhere un rock mélodique plutot carré, relevé par la voix assez haut-perchée de Jason Marks qui rappelle parfois Geoff Tate. Le groupe possède un sens de la mélodie plutôt poussé, et nous gratifie sur cet album de quelques titres de toute beauté, émotionnels à souhait et même souvent assez mélancoliques (Somewhere Into Nowhere, Rain). On retrouve même de petits hymnes comme le grandiose I Know qui pourrait bien plaire aux fans du QUEENSRYCHE période Empire.
On ne peut que louer l'initiative de MTM qui a repris ce groupe sous sa coupe, alors qu'il n'était au départ destiné qu'au marché allemand via le label Generation Records. S.I.N. nous livre en tout cas ici une jolie collection de mélodies dont un grand nombre ne quittera pas ma mémoire de si tôt! Espérons que le groupe évoluera désormais dans un monde beaucoup plus hospitalier que ce qu'il a connu jusque là. Ils le méritent!
Highlights : I Know, Somewhere Into Nowhere, All Or Nothing, Free Falling, Learning To Live, Crucified...

::7th of September 2003::
Gabor Kleinbloesem on www.strutter.8m.com

SIN is a new German/English Rockband with their debut release on MTM MUSIC. The music is 80s influenced catchy Melodic Rock with some AOR influences here and there. The CD has a very big sound, while it contains 10 songs. The band features a fantastic singer from the UK called JASON MARKS, and his voice is very sensational. The music is very good and right from the start you are HOOKED! Opener “Crucified” starts the album very impressive, because this is a prime-time catchy uptempo melodic rocker with a lovely singable chorus. Happily, the CD continues in this style, so actually we are listening to a really sensational Melodic Rock/AOR record that brings back memories of other fun summer 80s orientated AOR music of bands like DANGER DANGER, 80s BON JOVI, SHY, AVIATOR, ROXUS, FAIR WARNING, ROX DIAMOND... Besides the fantastic opener “Crucified”, other highlights are “Throwing it all away” (SUPERB UPTEMPO AOR HEAVEN!), “All of my heart” (BIG AOR Ballad!), “Freefalling” (catchy uptempo melodic rocker), “Rain” (great semi AOR ballad a la FAIR WARNING), “All or nothing” (catchy uptempo melodic rocker) and “I know” (strong semi melodic rocker). MTM has not released that many great albums lately, but this SIN (Somewhere Into Nowhere) is clearly an exception, because their album is a killer record for fans of classy AOR/Melodic Rock!
(Points: 9.0 out of 10)

::5th of September 2003::
Uli Lennarz on www.melodicjourney.com

Mittlerweile kann sich die einheimische Melodic Rock Gemeinde freuen, dass gute Bands nicht nur aus dem amerikanischen oder britischen Sektor kommen. S.I.N. haben das Zeug sich weit nach vorne zu spielen. Meine Kollegen feierten „Somewhere Into Nowhere“ kräftig ab. Ich kann auch nur in das gleiche Horn stoßen. Professionelles Arbeiten von A bis Z kann der Band ohne Einschränkung attestiert werden. Im Gegensatz zum Erstling hat die Band auch den Kritikern zu gehört und, was wichtig ist, hart an sich gearbeitet. Mit dem britischen Sänger Jason Marks und Deddy Andler haben sich zwei, ihr Handwerk verstehende Musiker gefunden, und sehr angenehme Melodic Rock Songs kreiert. Den Anspieltipps und Faves der Kollegen Koller und DJ Bonne kann ich mich nur anschließen. „Somewhere Into Nowhere“ sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen.
( 8,5 / 8 / Promo )
Uli Lennartz

::5th of September 2003::
Chris Lambert on www.rockreport.be

S.I.N. or Somewhere Into Nowhere was founded by German guitarist Deddy Andler and British vocalist Jason Marks at the end of July 2002. The name S.I.N. was chosen to express their step into the unknown and to mark the beginning of a new musical chapter in their lives. Bass (and guitar) player Wolfgang Frank was the first to join the two and by February of this year the line-up became completed with the arrival of drummer Alexander Hlousek. Soon it was decided to enter the famous House Of Audio Studios, where the four of them recorded and produced their self-titled debut album.
Not expecting much, I listened to the album for the first time and in retrospect, it’s the best out of the three MTM Music albums that were sent to me at the same time recently. If I tell you that one of the others is “HTP 2”, then you’ll understand that this can be considered as a real and honest compliment for the band. Yes, they deserve it with this album full of powerful rock, ranging from up-tempo rockers to a couple of emotional ballads. These guys know that melodies are important and with Marks, they have the best possible vocalist in their ranks. While lots of German bands suffer in the vocal department, this is surely not the case with S.I.N. Listening tips include the title song, “Freefalling” and the ballads “All Of My Heart” and “I Know”. Hope to hear/see more of them in the future… (CL)

::5th of September 2003::
Steen Peitersen on www.peitersen.com

S.I.N. is a result of the collaboration between German guitarist Deddy Andler and British singer Jason Marks. They started the band in the end of July 2002 - to be precise. At the time they were both standing at a musical crossroad. The name Somewhere Into Nowhere should express the step into the unknown and the beginning of a new musical adventure! The line-up was completed with bass player Wolfgang Frank and drummer Alexander Hlousek in February 2003 - a quite new thing, actually! But I must say - the result of the debut by this rather young and fresh quartet is breathtaking. The voice of Mr. Marks is high pitched and crytal clear, and the music is powerfull, emotional and authentic - spiced up with great choruses, too. From time to time there is a very significant German vibe to the melodies - and I feel like listening to the fine works of Bonfire or other great German bands around 1990 - and the sound and production is just as good. In fact the whole album is driven by great melodies wrapped in a powerfull production by Andler/Frank and the outstanding voice of Jason Marks...!
The whole album is memorable - filled with catchy riffs and "mind-sneaking melodies" as the info material reveals. But a few tracks stands out - the first is opener "Crucified" with a good riff, thundering drums and a catchy chorus. "Freefalling" is little trasure, too with a great guitar riff to start it all up - great song. But there is always left some space to some more mellow tracks like the piano driven (almost Queensrÿche-esque) "I know" - a memorable track. May this British/German foursome be the next stars of the "New Wave of Melodic Hard Rock" - they have a clear starpotential, I hope they will take their music to the streets before to long!

::3rd of September 2003::
Oliver Hellbach on www.metal-inside.de

CD rein gelegt, Lauscher aufgesperrt - bärenstarker Opener! Bärenstarker zweiter Track..! Moment mal, stand in der Info nicht was von ’nem deutschen Gitarristen? Tatsächlich, SIN werden neben Deddy Andler (git.) noch durch Alex Hlousek (dr.) und Wolfgang Frank (bs.) komplettiert, und sie haben mit dem britischen Sänger Jason Marks eine granatenstarke Rock-Röhre am Mikro. Okay, zurück zur Musik... Wow, das ist druckvoll-melodischer Hardrock in einer Güte, wie ich ihn seit längst vergangenen Bad English/Dare-Tagen nur noch selten zu Ohren bekommen habe! Die Neulinge (SIN gibt es gerade mal ein Jahr) klingen dabei dermaßen (im positiven Sinne) amerikanisch/skandinavisch, dass man meinen könnte, die armen Jungs hätten in ihrer Kindheit von Mami und Papi massentaugliche Hooklines im Zwölferpack pressbetankt bekommen! Egal ob druckvolle Stampfer, gefühlvolle Balladen oder eher poppig angelegte Songs - SIN schütten ein Füllhorn genialer Melodien über dem geneigten AOR/Hardrock-Fan aus, das ihm ein verzaubertes Lächeln ins Gesicht zementiert und sofort nach Ablauf von „Somewhere Into Nowhere“ zur Repeat-Taste greifen lässt. Trotz ein, zwei Verschnaufpausen hinten raus (und alleine wegen des unglaublichen Eröffnungs-Trios): Japan wartet auf Euch, Jungs - definitiv eines der besten Genre-Alben des Jahres!

::1st of September 2003::
DJ Bonne, Stefan Koller and Uli Lennartz on

Es ist noch gar nicht so lange her, da konnten nur einige deutsche Bands mit wirklich guten Produktionen aufwarten. Mittlerweile hat sich dieses Bild grundlegend geändert, so das viele hervorragende Werke das Gütesiegel "Made In Germany" tragen. Ein weiterer Beleg für diese These ist das Album von SIN, der sympathischen Truppe um die ex-Forever Mitglieder Detlef 'Deddy' Andler und Jason Marks. Der energiegeladene, melodische Hardrock von SIN macht bereits nach dem ersten Durchgang süchtig und so weigert sich dieser Silberling standhaft meinen CD Player zu verlassen. Wenn mal wieder ein Stilvergleich herhalten muß, so erinnern mich SIN von einigen Songstrukturen her an TEN oder PRIDE und da die Truppe um Mastermind Gary Hughes meine absolute Lieblingscombo ist, bin ich entsprechend kritisch an dieses Werk herangegangen, aber mir will auch nach dem x-ten Hördurchgang einfach kein Grund zur Kritik in den Sinn kommen. Egal ob man den knackigen Opener "Crucified", das fast schon monumental wirkende Titelstück "Somewhere Into Nowhere" oder solche Gänsehautballaden wie "All Of My Heart" nimmt, so möchte man am liebsten nach jedem Song die Replay Taste drücken um sich erneut dieser hervorragenden Mucke zu widmen. Das I-Tüpfelchen bilden hier die ausgezeichnete Gitarrenarbeit von Deddy Andler sowie die megamelodischen Vocals von Jason und auch an der Produktion gibt es nichts zu bemängeln. Ich weiß nicht ob ich diese Review jetzt noch weiterführen soll, da ich einfach die Befürchtung habe dieser erstklassigen Scheibe nicht mehr gerecht zu werden. Dieses Album gehört definitiv in jede gute Sammlung und so darf es hier nur ein Urteil geben.....HÖCHSTWERTUNG
DJ Bonne [this review can also be found on www.rock-avenue.de.]

Auch hier kann ich mich dem DJ mal wieder im großen und ganzen anschließen, würde aber nicht gleich auf die Höchstpunktzahl zielen, sonst gibt’s ja schließlich keine Steigerungsmöglichkeit mehr, ha ha! Im Gegensatz zum Debüt der Vorgänger Formation Forever kann das neue Album nicht nur mit starken Songs aufwarten, sondern auch mit einem amtlichen Sound, der dem ganzen dann auch den nötigen Druck verleiht und insbesondere die Drums mächtig nach vorne hebt, was gerade die vom Kollegen Bonne angesprochene Ballade “All Of My Heart” ( bombastisch ) oder meinen ganz persönlichen Favoriten “Rain” ( Killerchorus ) angeht. Aber auch wenn S.I.N. wie im Falle des Openers “Crucified”, von “Freefalling” oder auch auch dem Titeltrack die Äxte ein wenig mehr Kreisen lassen, machen sie immer eine gute Figur und verfangen sich nicht in belanglosen Melodicrock - Klischees, wie viele der jungen Kollegen heutzutage. Die oben angesprochenen Vergleichsmöglichkeiten würde ich mal genauso anführen und so ist dieses Album jedem Freund der genannten Bands nur zu empfehlen. Natürlich auch allen anderen!!!
Stefan Koller

Mittlerweile kann sich die einheimische Melodic Rock Gemeinde freuen, dass gute Bands nicht nur aus dem amerikanischen oder britischen Sektor kommen. S.I.N. haben das Zeug sich weit nach vorne zu spielen. Meine Kollegen feierten „Somewhere Into Nowhere“ kräftig ab. Ich kann auch nur in das gleiche Horn stoßen. Professionelles Arbeiten von A bis Z kann der Band ohne Einschränkung attestiert werden. Im Gegensatz zum Erstling hat die Band auch den Kritikern zu gehört und, was wichtig ist, hart an sich gearbeitet. Mit dem britischen Sänger Jason Marks und Deddy Andler haben sich zwei, ihr Handwerk verstehende Musiker gefunden, und sehr angenehme Melodic Rock Songs kreiert. Den Anspieltipps und Faves der Kollegen Koller und DJ Bonne kann ich mich nur anschließen. „Somewhere Into Nowhere“ sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen.
Uli Lennartz

Note: 10, Sound: 8,5, Aufmachung: 8

::22nd of October 2002::
Sonny on www.sonny1968.de (Demo-Review)

Bestimmt wissen schon einige unter euch, dass sich Gitarrist Deddy Andler und Sänger Jason Marks (ex-BALANCE OF POWER) von FOREVER getrennt haben, um anschließend mit S.I.N. (SOMEWHERE INTO NOWHERE) eine neue Band aus dem Boden zu stampfen. Auf dem vorliegenden Demo präsentiert die Band vier faszinierende Songs, die ziemlich stark - wen verwundert es - an das Songmaterial des FOREVER-Debuts erinnern und dem auch qualitativ nicht im geringsten nachsteht. Die CD enthält mit dem Opener "Throwing It All Away" (das Gitarren-Intro erinnert irgendwie an SMOKIE) und "Rain" zwei gitarrenbetonte Melodic Rock-Nummern, sowie mit "A New Tomorrow" eine Ballade, die für reichlich Gänsehaut-Feeling sorgen dürfte. Den gelungenen Abschluss bildet das spannungsgeladene "Somewhere In Nowhere", das mit modern angehauchten Gitarrenparts zu brillieren weiß. Wer sich gerne selbst von der Qualität des Materials überzeugen möchte, sollte dies tunlichst unter www.sin-band.com tun, denn dort könnt ihr die vier Tracks antesten. Momentan schraubt die Band fleißig an ihrem Debut-Album, dass hoffentlich für reichlich Interesse bei den diversen Labels sorgen wird, um somit bald das Licht der Öffentlichkeit zu erblicken. Dieses Demo macht 100%ig Appetit auf mehr. Genial!!!
Wertung: 10/10

::10th of December 2002::
DJ Bonne on www.rock-avenue.de (Demo-Review)

Sehr traurig war ich über den Ausstieg von Detlef ‘Deddy’ Andler und Jason Marks bei der hoffnungsvollen deutschen Band ‘Forever.’ Schon kurz nach diesem Split präsentierten uns die beiden ihr Nachfolgeprojekt ‘Sin’. Lange dauerte es auch nicht bis der Rock Avenue-Redaktion die ersten musikalischen Ergüsse in Form einer Four-Track-Demo-EP ins Haus flatterten, und was Deddy und Jason hier zu bieten haben, ist wirklich aller Ehren wert. Stilistisch erinnern mich die vier Tracks ein wenig an Bands wie ‘Pride’ oder auch meine Spezies ‘Ten’ ( ... und dies, mein lieber Deddy; kannst Du getrost als Mega-Kompliment auffassen!). Hinzu gesellt sich Jason’s markante Stimme und auch Deddy’s Gitarrenarbeit läßt keine Wünsche offen. Wie ich unlängst in einem Gespräch mit Deddy Andler erfahren habe, ist bereits der erste Plattenvertrag beim Label Generation Records unter Dach und Fach. Das erste vollständige Album ist somit für die erste Jahreshälfte 2003 geplant. Sollte das Album die Qualitäten dieser Four-Track-EP halten können, kann man jetzt schon ein erstes Highlight für das nächste Jahr erwarten. Ich bin jedenfalls schon sehr gespannt.
(DJ Bonne 12/02)
Music: 2, Sound: 3, Artwork: 3