::so blind::

[verse 1]
I saw you standing there
smiling - like a warm morning dawn
your long blond hairs was flowing
in the cold November breeze
she moves like a butterfly
in the soft summer sun

80ís music blasting out the radio
singing our favourite songs
how I wish that winter last forever
blue jeans baby, moonlight, kiss and sweet perfume
how I wish I could stay forever

all I saw is heaven in your eyes
I donít need to know to realize
all I saw is heaven in your eyes
I couldnít read your mind - I was so blind

[verse 2]
she feels too old to live
but sheís far too young to die
didnít care it was the way she wanted to be
living in the movie scenes from 1986
Goose and Maverick on the way to blue skies
My footsteps in the snow - serenades under your window

feel your curves - Otis on the radio
dancing all night long
how I wish this dance could last forever
tables turned, winds have changed but memories remain
why couldnít I say my last goodbye


I still see you standing there smiling...

All rights reserved
© 2006 by S.I.N.